Welcome to my world of textile art on paper and ceramics using the simple beauty of folding.

My name is Liz Sofield and I am Textile and Ceramic Artist.

My inspiration from Matisse, Rut Bryk, Anni Albers and Mid Century design. Creative stimulation I see around me every day, breeze blocks and details in nature. The beautiful curve of a shell, the mark makings on the bark of a gum tree. Rich red rocks on the beach, merging with the white sea foam of the shore line how the blend of colour and translucency of the water as the tide rolls in.

Developing my artwork and ceramics pieces is a tactile and contemplative process that expresses my love of patterns and geometry.

My fascination with paper folding started with my son’s obsession with paper planes.  I love that my passion is sparked by the very old to the new, from  the beautiful art of Origami, to the spontaneous creativity of my nine-year-old twins.

I have qualifications in Textile Design and Interior Design and have commercial experience designing hand printed furnishing fabric, woven home wares, bed linen and bespoke rugs.

A New Zealander living in Australia: I miss Pohutukawa trees and jelly-tips from New Zealand, but for the past thirteen years we have gotten to enjoy the Frangipani trees in Queensland, Australia and walking with my dog Yogi, along the beach.

My work can be found at Artisan, Paper Boat Press and Hanasho.




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